6. Keen on Qein: Part 2


In which the gang fights a hill, divination proves unsatisfactory, and we all fall in love with the bard

Our DM is  Sasha Rose Hansen 

The players, in alphabetical order:

Carbry -  Bryn Ziegler 

Gary -  Rebecca Michelson 

Renora -  Tori Chancellor 

Spencer Charlemagne -  Jacob Earl 

Tongs - Grayson Abele

We’re produced by Jacob Earl 

Our theme music is “Rathgars Theme” and is available through  LateMoonRecords.com 

Tune in next week at  RathgarsHorde.com  and as always, try not to die 

spencer’s diary 6

In the night we were attacked by a — Hill? Prairie golem? Like a hill, but alive. Bigger than The Giant.

I was asleep and The Golem woke me up to see a huge, hill basically, walking on four legs. The Monk shouted that a “Sapient Hill” was coming at us, so I was prepared to see like, a Sunday scholar of a hill tryna jack with us. I’m still not sure what she meant. Anyway, it all happened really fast. The Monks’ religious so I guess I can‘t give her too much shit for being ignorant. She seems to be in love with out new bard — He does have a certain quality to him, but like everyone he seems to hate me. I don’t know what I did but no one’s my friend anymore. I feel so lonely.

*The Bard’s got a bed that can fly & I’m gonna take it*

Here’s what I can remember of the battle: the bard bisected the hill with a wall of flame - which didn’t do a lot TO it except make it hard for everyone to get around, I hit it with GhostHand, which sapped its energy and kept it from healing — which was good because The Demon hit it with some kind of lightning bolt attack that it seemed to absolutely love - lightning is bad against it. But my GhostHand sucked it up! Seems like it would’ve helped it if the ghosthand wasn’t there.

At this point everything is on fire. Smoke everywhere. Out of the smoke charges the hill! Right at me and The Golem! I jump out of the way but it swallows The Golem whole. Or, it tries to. He’s very big. His shield arm was sticking out — like a feather from a cat’s mouth. The way it tried to eat him was weird, not like a normal animal, although it kind of had teeth. It didn’t chew, it was like he was absorbed, or had got stuck pushing through a thicket. The Golem couldn’t break free, strong as he is, but it spat him out. I guess he doesn’t taste very good.

Next it went after The Monk — and shot a bunch of rocks at her out of its mouth! But as it did that I snuck up behind it & shot it with an arrow, which, honestly, it just looked like I hit a big hill with and arrow so I dunno how much that helped. But right after that The Giant took a dead on run at it and jumped up and slammed their hand into the ground and blew the hill up!

Everyone except the bard applauded. He not really a team player I don’t know why he is with us he’s just a jerk at every opportunity. I think I love him. Although, he did call me the wrong name in KittenBunch. So I don’t trust him.

Things I found out during my watch:

*“Watch” means sit still for TWO HOURS while everyone is asleep. I hate watch. Watch is like DYING. I HATE THIS.*

Also that my divination spell doesn’t work like I thought

- the orange liquid from Harold’s cage lost its luster & turned to normal water.

- Identify does not work on things in vials

- The metal object in the vial kind of floats? And points in a direction - but not always the same one

- The gas is iridescent - thats all I got

Ran Harold and he kind of was drying out. My water doesn’t turn orange when it runs off him. Might need to soak? Could be his piss.

And I don’t have dark vision any more. Harold can probably see well underwater but not at night. From what Information I have I don’t think voop really hunt. More like passive predators.

Jacob EarlComment