4. The Murder Mansion: Part 4


In which a solution is found, an escape is made, help is sought, and a rest is had. 

Our DM is  Sasha Rose Hansen 

The players, in alphabetical order:

Carbry -  Bryn Ziegler 

Gary -  Rebecca Michelson 

Renora -  Tori Chancellor 

Spencer Charlemagne -  Jacob Earl 

Tongs - Grayson Abele

We’re produced by Jacob Earl 

Our theme music is “Rathgars Theme” and is available through  LateMoonRecords.com 

Tune in next week at  RathgarsHorde.com  and as always, try not to die 

Spencer’s Diary Four

It is nice to be able to write again.

We left off In the treasure room. I couldn’t see any of it, of course, so I just got on my knees to look around with my hands. I found some vials & The Golem gave me a few more that he had found, but these didn’t have any corks.I set Harold a task to test him, showing him some coins and some gems and saying to bring back any he could find, and he set off as if on fire! Kid needs a project I think. In the trash I found a raincoat that felt cool so I put it on. The rest of them were investigating a weird humming noise at the far side of the chamber. It felt like a trap to me, so I lent The Monk my scarf so they wouldn’t have to touch, whatever it was. Most of the magic shit here seems to bite you when you touch it. I kept investigating, and Harold brought back gems & treasure! Not exactly what I showed him but gold ~things~ and a trick rock that looks like a gem.

This kind of lateral association leads me to believe he is actually very smart. Not like a dog but – well like a squid I guess. The Noise got louder as The Monk returned with the thing, either the key we were looking for or a honey-pot. I was against touching it, but it looked like was the only next move. As we touched it in sequence the sound it was emitting increased in pitch, becoming unbearable just as the last person connected, before vanishing under our fingers. Leaving me a little confused. Distantly I could hear the stair-beast howling and thrashing.

The obstacle course hallway was disabled & safe but the pit of spikes, of course, was still there between us and the door out. I tried to get The Golem to knock a door over as a bridge but he couldn’t get it going. The Giant used their magic to create a springy bridge out of, plants, over the gap, which was fun but I was pretty worried about the spikes. There was, some trouble. It sounded like? Some vines snapped? And there was some shouting – and then freaky music started playing? A song about somebody or something being toxic? It had a great hook but I had no idea where it came from. Pretty sure someone was falling because ether monk and I tied a rope around a nearby crenellation to try and help someone. But then we used that rope to climb down the wall into the courtyard, so that worked out. The two heaviest, The Golem and The Giant, had a hell of a time climbing down & made a ton of noise - and ten it sounded like the monster was real close and we were running and it was dead silent and different. I was out of breath, but I held up the music box which got VERY loud and I shouted “Tongs! Gary! Anybody! Now’s the time to smash the mirror!” But no-one did. Are were now back before the beginning, in the halls o the order. I couldn’t see it at this point but it’s the same as before, probably. Black and white, stark, harsh, moral. We went up some stairs and there was a little pin, or broach sort of. Ornate. On a little tray, so I picked it up and put it on my jacket. I’m a real cop now! I can go anywhere! do anything! Rob anyone! Cops are untouchable!

When we got back up top we talked to two people, one a real absent-professor type and a nervous child. We are ‘world-walkers’ now I guess. Whatever that means. The child led us through a labyrinth to our rooms, then at The Golems insistence we went off to stair to see The Giants family friend, the doc.

The Doc did not like me. I think he thought that I wasn’t taking my curse seriously — but I was! Just because I talk weird and make jokes doesn’t mean I don’t take things serious. When disaster strikes you can either panic, or get mad, or laugh. Laughter seems the most proactive to me. He called me a child, though.

I also, very importantly, learned that none of my new compatriots have *ever lied a day in their lives*. I made up a pretty good explanation that didn’t incriminate anyone, made me look dumb but didn’t give anything away – and not only did NO ONE back me up The Giant basically gave the game away & implied some big fucking mystery. I need to talk to these feels about how when I LIE I LIE TO HELP not just to FUCKING LIE. It makes me so mad that these fucking country-ass rubes at every turn try and cut the legs out from under me! Holding me back & contradicting my cover story. Fuck these dips the next time they need something from me they can go hang.

The hospital. The doc put me under & when I woke up Harolds eyes were my own! He glued our brains together with magic or something. Harold can see all around! I guess it makes sense boi’s covered in eyes. He can also see ~weird~ colors. Like, new kinds of blue and purple. It’s hard to describe. The Demon glows a little. When I came out of surgery everyone looked different. Dustier, hurt. The Monk kept glaring at me – & The Demon is 5 inches taller than me now! When did that happen! She used to be tiny! This cannot stand. Anyway it‘s the middle of the night. Writing is a little weird through Harold’s eyes — oh shit! Right! I look NUTS! I’m grey as ash, my clothes are filthy, & my hair is harold color –creamsicle orange. Harold is a bundle o Legs? Arms? Tentacles covered in suckers & eyes and he’s ORANGE which will make subterfuge, uh, difficult, probably. He also speaks some animal lingua I don’t know so I want to teach him sign language – but since I’M looking out his eyes that makes that a little tough. The surgery doesn’t seem to have bothered him though so that’s good. I wish I could’ve asked if he would mind, this feels a little exploitative. Maybe the forest giant can talk squid.

I look super spooky, like a clown in a cowboy comic. I’m gonna start telling people I‘m a drow.


- Blind Beggar

- Drow Scholar

- Cursed Prince

- Inspector


- Service animal (anxiety)

- bird (I’m blind, didn’t know)

- my good friend

- Squid? That doesn’t sell

- Mind control alien & I am really HIS body

- Space octopus

- eye-ctopus

- spectopus

- seeing eye squid

Someone left this, on my PILLOW? - VOORP ? lost thoughts? BEWARE?

fragment from the journal of Rowanfire the World-Walker

Describing the strange fauna here. As most of the world is covered in shallow pools and there is no vegetation, I first wondered that there should be any life at all. I have deduced that life here makes most of the necessary nutrients form visible light. From there different species have different strategies. One fascinating species (termed ‘Voorps’ by the dominant tribe) seems to sustain itself on lost thoughts, a benign parasite. I am told to beware however because

fuck me up doc dnd4-bryn.jpg

The Demon drew these - kinda worried that The Demon sees me as so pouty? I’m VERY outgoing how dare she

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