3. The Murder Mansion: Part 3


In which a blind man searches a room, the moon is captured, a friend is made, a chasm is bridged, and a treasure is found. 

Our DM is  Sasha Rose Hansen 

The players, in alphabetical order:

Carbry -  Bryn Ziegler 

Gary -  Rebecca Michelson 

Renora -  Tori Chancellor 

Spencer Charlemagne -  Jacob Earl 

Tongs - Grayson Abele

We’re produced by Jacob Earl 

Our theme music is “Rathgars Theme” and is available through  LateMoonRecords.com 

Tune in next week at  RathgarsHorde.com  and as always, try not to die 

Spencer’s Dairy, three

When we talked to the dragon she spoke in riddles and seems to either not want to come? Or be stuck. The Monk offered her “Whatever She Wants” !!! In exchange for helping us and she said “The Moon” The Golem made a magic picture of the moon while I drew this:

(This is a picture of the moon I drew with my eyes closed)

Which probably doesn’t look like the moon at all. His image seemed to please her but the Dragon said he would have to “Hold it there Forever” which with wizard shit is a no-go. The Demon and The Golem are clever, and both artificers of some stripe (I think The Demon is a forger, perhaps of magic items?) So they went and turned a knife into, I think, a little moon medallion. While we waited The Monk helped me write in my diary which actually helped quite a bit , although she can only write common not elvish.

Here are my failed schemes that I wanted to enact: I was going to trick The Giant into helping me write in my diary near the window, then when they was distracted slip a loop of rope around their arm and throw myself outside, (either The Giant or The Golem could take my weight easily) Once out the window it’s only a few short stories down the building and into the courtyard. There I would give up my sword (which is my best thing I have, and has been helping me get around and poke stuff and fight) and leave it on the ground, running head-first into the gate. The Dragon said she couldn’t even get CLOSE to the gate so I think the ghost inside me won’t be able to either. It hasn’t given anything UP. But I had, with the sword. That would let me out of here, and push the ghost out though the magic gate. Then I would dodge at the last second and double back for the sword, now demon-free and sighted, and kill the ghost. But I was foiled, because the dragons room had NO WINDOWS. So that scheme is out the window, so to speak. I can maybe try it when we get closer to the gate later on.

When the two artificers returned with the, well, I don’t really know. The moon was the topic of conversation so I assume it was a moon pendant of some kind. Whatever it was, it was clearly made of metal. The Dragon liked it and gave us all three wishes, as a group. Like a djinn might. That might have been before? It all kind of blurs together actually. It’s surprising how much one’s sense of time is tied to being able to see. They asked to see the key as one of the question and then got real quiet, which is weird because we all bicker constantly.

Q. What room has the Key?

A. The Room That Holds Treasure

Q. What Level?

A. The One Below Me

Q. What Can We Give You To Get You To Help Us? We Will Give You Anything

A. The Moon

Thats how it went.

After that we left her little tower. as much as I’m suspicious of dragons, a tiny windowless room is a fate I’d not wish on anyone. I forgot to switch out the baby ashes with the adult ones! And we went out into the hall.

Apparently there’s more hallway to the left, but it was full of rubble and trash. I tried to clear it but they pulled me away and The Golem swung me up into his arms 😍 and carried me back in to the smoke that led to the main room then I passed out again – which was really inconvenient. I have passed out today more than I ever have in my entire life! But when I came to no-one asked if I was okay (thx guise) So I asked where I was and it was the library. So I wrote “Safety/Rest” on the door in ink while The Monk went and got my crowbar and her rope that we had forgotten in there earlier. I kinda wonder how the glyph turned out but none of these fools speak thief.

Then we spent a long time walking back and forth. I’m not sure exactly what we were looking at? But one of the doors off this upper, not a room exactly, more like a platform, led to this external walkway. I was glad for the fresh air tbh. In my mind this whole sequence takes place all at once — it’s hard to tell what exactly is happening all the time. One door led outside, and one was locked and trapped with like — spikes? When we got them off they felt like spikes but had bad vibes. The Monk cut them down and I caught them in my cloak real cannily and silent. I stacked them to the left fo the top of the stairs so that maybe I could use them but far enough away they don’t poison me.

This room was locked but that was no trouble. Inside it sounded like water and a ~cat?~ But like a catbird. Weird sound. The Monk said there was water on the ground & drawings, like a child’s, on the walls. I poked the water with my sword and not only did nothing happen but it wasn’t even deep — so I ran in to help the hurt animal and everyone grabbed me! And then, once they had me, pushed me IN! I just toppled over, SPASH into the water. I hadn’t been feeling so hot since I went blind so it was nice to splash around a bit. The water didn’t taste normal but it didn’t help my sight any. Nor did it hurt, so. The catbird came over once I fell over and turns out he’s like? A squid? Anyway he’s my friend now & I named him Harold. He’s a cool guy but noisy — I think he’s a child one of, whatever he is.

(This is a picture of Harold I drew with my eyes closed. I focus on the tentacles.)

While we were waiting around for the more athletic heroes to clear the path I asked The Golem what he’s made of and he said “Crystals and Magic” CRYSTALS AND MAGIC! And like, apparatuses. Apparati? Like he’s clock work? Not magic word in the head or hollow, exactly. He seems honest. He had a bit of trouble a minute later though – we made a bridge over this chasm of spikes out of a door (waking up the stair-beast int the process) and everyone walked across and The Golem went last, but when he walked across it it snapped! He didn’t get spiked but everyone was worried & we hauled him up with a rope. This place has two towers, this one had a treasure room in the top, but when The Golem pushed the trap door open he and everyone else got SLIMED with some stinky GOO! I didn’t, I jumped out of the way. The slime-treasure room had a singing music box in it that seems cool so I made The Demon go and get it and when she came back she handed it to me and said “Fine, now we’re even.” Which like? We were even before I thought? I hold no grudge agin you, demon. The box didn’t stop singing even when it was dropped, which is good. I think it’s the key to the stair-beast who sleeps in music.

Downstairs was another door - the only way forward after the bridge was busted. So we opened it and there was a ton of freaky scary noises. One was like an axe? I tried to crawl through but got scared. When I handed Harold to The Giant (they seem, parently? Like, responsible? Like they care about animals) he CRIED! Like, sobbed! My little rusty heart broke in two giant pieces I’ll tell you what. I also gave The Giant the music box which I need to get back. I got Harold back he’s here in my cloak as I write this in my mind. I have no idea what was in the hallway but The Giant and The Golem fixed it together and we all went across. The door on the other side magically made these words appear to us:

> Traveller – You Have One Too Many. What Shall You Do.


> One Of You Is Sharing Your Life Force


> How Will You Reconcile


> Speak Now.

I know what it said because everyone read it out at once which was really cool. It was v. Cool but I can’t help but feel like it’s pointed directly at’cha boi. Harold’s not sharing my life-force though it’s gotta be the sneel. Snakeel? The Monk says snakeel is cooler. Anyway the door puzzle was easy The Monk just said “It‘s an Issue.” And the damn thing opened. Easy.

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