17.s3.e4 “A Museum In Transition"

In which the gang gets got, gets gorgon, and gets greasy 

Our DM is   Sasha Rose Hansen  

The players, in alphabetical order:

Carbry -   Bryn Ziegler  

Gary -   Rebecca Michelson  

Renora -   Tori Chancellor  

Spencer Charlemagne -   Jacob Earl  

Tongs -  Grayson Abele 

We’re produced by Jacob Earl 

Our theme music is “Rathgars Theme” and is available through   LateMoonRecords.com  

Tune in next week at   RathgarsHorde.com  and as always, we may be cursed, but I promise will make it through alive. 

journal seventeen

Sdelka day 3

On our way to ask the guards for help, or a map, or something, I bullied a thief into going to get the monk’s money back. He’ll either 

  1. Bring the money to me tomorrow afternoon

  2. Bring me the thief

  3. Skip town

  4. Bring a bunch of friends to waste us

The fourth one seems unlikely. I got the golem to help but he seemed reticent. Said something like “If you ever hurt an innocent we’ll part ways” which seemed a little out of the blue. Maybe because I threatened to kill every thief in this city if the man didn’t “bring me my money” but like? Im no really gonna do that. I just wanted this guy to think I will. The monk has really been on my case as she thinks I slighted her, which I did not. 

The Sdelka guardhouse is a long low building made of logs with an open courtyard. We let the monk lead because that one guard had the hots for her, which was something of a mistake. The leader, Ollimeade, is a tall woman with grey hair who gave us a whole, speech, about how she’s “tired of losing people” and whatever. It looked like she sent maybe, 20+ men to their deaths, and that’s just guards. Instead of helping us she set one of her mages on the golem & blasted him almost to death with fireball, one of the spells were explicitly not allowed to use. Then she (the mage) did some kind of psychic attack on him that just. Destroyed him. He yelled some woman’s name and collapsed. We ran over and healed him — a child in a guards uniform gave us a bunch of healing potions & I poured a bag of brolding  beer that used to be a potion on him, which seemed to help. As he sat in the dirt he looked at a photograph of, I guess, his family. The human he disguised himself as on sleep, the man he used to be I guess, a tiefling woman, and FIVE kids! I wonder where they are, poor guy. He slowly recovered but whatever psychic attack that mage did really did a number on him. 

Healed but unassisted we pressed on to Drexelhouse. In front was Oates, the other guard from the front gates to the oligarch quarters. Unlike his compatriot, Oates is good. He didn’t have a map, but he said there were some inside the front door. When I tried to magically grab one it turned to smoke which wasn’t, great, but that wasn’t Oates’ deal. The front seemed like an obviously bad idea, so we net in the back, which was not trapped! Villains always forget about the back. 

We found two rooms: Demetri’s, who is being blamed for this Crime and Director Nycaster whose room was covered in blood and who is presumed dead. Nycaster, however, had a map! 

So we could now sort of see where we wanted to go. We’re thinking he’s help up in the research lab at the very top, only one way in or out, highly defensible, it’s where I would be. 

The elevator took us up 1.5 floors to the “Mezzanine” which is a room of huge gems! And two smoking metal bulls that paralyzed my feet right off the bat. I managed to hide while every else beat the snot out of them, I got a couple good crossbow shots in but I am not prepared to fight ROBOTS I have a SWORD. At one point the demon turned into a puma! Which was pretty cool but I’m not sure what her strat was, with that. She’s a cute cat tho. After awhile, once the Gorgons were dead my feet turned back from stone to flesh and we all clambered back in the elevator to the third floor. 

The golem, after his brush with fire, has been walking around most incautiously, spreading light from his gleaming magic shield. When we opened the door on the “Magic and Enchantment” section a fucking magic suit of armor jumped out, and the demon said to lead it away, so I ran past yelling and waving my arms and ANOTHER TWO SUITS JUMPED OUT and ONE CREAMED ME, BURYING A fucking AXE IN MY SHOULDER. It let go after a second and I kind of, hid until it all went away. Everyone else is pretty capable but my attacks well, just dont really hit most of the time. When they hit they hit but most of my stuff glances off big metal ghost guys. 

Off to one side are a bunch of spooky paintings but I walked past that to the next elevator up - and when I pressed the call button this god damned robot started yelling at me really loud! Alarm alarm! 

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