16. s3.e3 “The Days Of Wearing Pants Are Behind Me”

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In which the gang gets robbed, goes shopping and gets a job

Our DM is   Sasha Rose Hansen  

The players, in alphabetical order:

Carbry -   Bryn Ziegler  

Gary -   Rebecca Michelson  

Renora -   Tori Chancellor  

Spencer Charlemagne -   Jacob Earl  

Tongs -  Grayson Abele 

We’re produced by Jacob Earl 

Our theme music is “Rathgars Theme” and is available through   LateMoonRecords.com  

Tune in next week at   RathgarsHorde.com  and as always, we may be cursed, but I promise will make it through alive. 

sdelka map by sasha

by sasha


journal sixteen

We decided our contact would be Zabrina based off a flyer we picked up on the oligarchs, but on approaching the gate to the bougie part of town a guard named “Holland” demanded 50 gold and called me dirty. We decided to circle back & went to a pretty nice hotel called “The rich mans bane” which was not full of spies or thieves or anything. The man inherited it from his grandmother so maybe there was some loss of translation over the ages. 

At nightfall a wonderful market springs up near st trollises square - the Night Market. Tents and lights and intrigue, my kind of place. I found a clothier who would make e a custom suit for 3.5 gold. I paid that much for a hat once. I got the golem something too - a fine cloak, we’ll be matching hot shit boys! The problem, we discovered, was that it would take 3 days to MAKE these things - seems fast to me but we were itchin’ to get a contract from the oligarchs & we couldn’t go ask in our travelin’ clothes. That slime tore me all up – the acid totaled my pants % the broken glass shredded my shirt. My boots & hat and Harold are all okay, thank Aster. But I don’t look, great. Getting healed by magic doesn’t leave as bad of a scar, if any, that’s something you can say for it at least. The demon bought a suit off the rack and we elected her emissary for the following day. When we sent her off the monk kept hassling m for some reason I don’t understand. We all tried to coach the demon on negotiatory technique, I said she should ask for a ship, the monk said she should ask for an advance. She was gone a long time and returned with only an estimate, but a contract appeared later in the day. 

I was concerned that when I made the douchebag of holding eat a slime it had? Turned against me? Because it seems to express opinions on things & things dont often express opinions so maybe its a man under a curse. The demon said “definitely” so I took it to an encounter in the nightmarket to get him turned back. The enchanter said try demon was either wrong or messing with me and that the bag had been made by “a crazy person” but it didn’t used to be man, or a deer, or a dog. I also learned that spells take on the manner of ther person who casts them & that magic and curses are the same thing just from different perspectives. 

Very interesting place.  This morning I had 100 gold and while I’ve spent money here money is worth more, so I’ve got the equivalent of 1000 gold! Learning stuff about magic, gotta be real careful with the stuff Harold produces because if curses and magic are the same its gotta be anti- magic not just anti-curse. We ride on the Drexelhouse tomorrow - the contract said to be super careful with the artifacts inside, I worry that theres gonna be something I need for Doctor Johns Healing List in there but I really don’t want to make an enemy of the Sdelkans. Maybe theres a curator I can talk to. 

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