9. Keen on Qein: Part 5

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In which the gang fights a bird, goes to bat, and loses a friend.

Our DM is  Sasha Rose Hansen 

The players, in alphabetical order:

Carbry -  Bryn Ziegler 

Gary -  Rebecca Michelson 

Renora -  Tori Chancellor 

Spencer Charlemagne -  Jacob Earl 

Tongs - Grayson Abele

We’re produced by Jacob Earl 

Our theme music is “Rathgars Theme” and is available through  LateMoonRecords.com 

Tune in next week at  RathgarsHorde.com  and as always, try not to die 

spencer’s diary, nine

we woke up on the bridge again — in a semicircle, minus one trip the bard. Above us, bearing down was a Peryton that looked mad but it hadn’t seen us yet, or we hadn’t moved anyway. Then Cassandra sat bolt upright and started screaming. That pics of shit has clearly never been in a high stakes scenario before. I drank my vial of coffee — it was cold so we’ve even out for awhile. 

everyone sprang into action - the golem started running - I ran with him & tried to call the guardian but either she didn’t hear me or she can’t leave her post. Everyone started shooting spells at the monster except the monk who shot crossbow bolts. I wonder where this monster came from, we’re real high up it seems unlikely there’s a lot to eat all the way up here. But it was fast & vicious in it’s attacks, swooping in and getting out just as fast. I shot about a thousand ghosthands at it but only one connected. The Peryton got a hit off on someone and the bard reappeared! He hadn’t been around when we woke up. It seems to me that when we passed around the krunk he caught feelings and his ronin gem buzzed him out. But here he was! Back! I didn’t see who got hit because I was hiding behind the golem, but I saw him pop out of thin air & yell “Nobody hurts my friends!” Then he threw his super cool black flame dagger at the thing. It didn’t seem to like that!

But then it tried to eat the giant & they fell down. The monster then sat atop them like a, well like a big bird guarding something it wanted to eat.  The golem & I were too far off but we booked it forward — then the bard dropped a little bag and dealt the final blow, I think. I don’t remember who killed the thing the giant was down. Once we got over there the golem healed them but when they woke up the bard was gone again. The demon picked up the bag the bard dropped, we’ll get to that in a sec. 

it all gets mixed up. Next we talked to the guardian of the bridge, the monk not the guardian. His name was Alexander, & he’s a paladin actually. He seemed surprised when I introduced myself. He can only talk in a semi-dream world. I think his mind and body are semi-permanently disconnected. We argued back and forth about why we didn’t kill the raiders on sight. The truth is that they were so damn pitiful, but Alexander didn’t really buy that. Kind of a heartless guy. What saved us actually - I remembered the raiders had been double crossed by a man on the inside of the dream people. That got Alexander’s attention. The golem & the giant parlayed that information into transferring the crime of the raiders upon our own heads & sentencing the raiders to only banishment. However, if we fail to kill the confederate then we would be out to death but that seems more doable. Then the golem interrogated the two surviving raiders; Fenna the tiefling and Charles the Elf. Fenna wasn’t super forthcoming but the golem used truth magic on her & she revealed that she made contact with the confederate in a cave on the spire PAST sleep, it sounded like a man, & he only ever appeared as smoke wearing glasses (silver) in their dreams. 

Charles has been made mute, either by his adventure in dreamland or something else. But he was friendly & knew cantsign. Everyone should learn sign language because deafness, like blindness, are real dangers. He didn’t know anything but I gave him a health potion & the giant gave him some good berries & he hugged them — 

!! Remind the giant to check their pockets, he was sweet but our boy does know thieves cant. If anyone reading this comes across a mute elf with spines growing out of his back, be kind to him. 

this next bit is hard to think directly at.  We had what the golem describes as ‘a brief group therapy session’ the golem should go into doing this professionally, he’s he’s really aces at it. I won’t do a play by play but I apologised. The monk didn’t forgive me but that’s okay. We reached an accord. we now have a clear idea of where our morals point, the demon won’t kill anyone bc they feel out of their power. The monk will do anything they’re ordered. I’ll kill anyone who seems bad. The demon killed the people who broke into her shop, and it ruined their relationship w her partner & gf basil. She says if I ever run into Seorsa Basil I can rob her — Also! The demon STUCK UP FOR ME during the session! She said she trusts me which just seems straight nuts to me. I tried to stab the monk and I failed because the demon got in my way and the demon trusts me? what else. The giant made a pool for Harold out of a leaf and he about tore my ear off jumping into it — then when all I could see was water they came up to me & said that they saw me take the dark mantle eyes after they said not to. But they’re not mad & they understand? I tried to explain my reasoning but stye just said they aren’t mad & left. People who aren’t mad don’t usually say they aren’t mad, right? 

I offered my recovery services to the demon but she said that the things that were taken from her were things you cant steal back, which honestly sounds like a challenge to me. 

The water in the little pool the giant made slowly turned more orange the longer Harold was in there. Is it his piss? Is he just covered in something orange? 

then we spent an Hour identifying stuff. Not that I don’t appreciate — the bard left al Intel bag of holding full of presents — and I did learn this spell for just this reason. But an hour is a long time to sit cross legged on a hard stone floor & imagine a spell. These guys don’t seem to get how hard it is for me to focus. Trip left em a ukulele! It’s got some bard magic in it, but it’s dependent on skill. I wish I’d listened to my mom & learned a string instrument! 

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