The Fabricated Partner of Cody Mcguire


     In summer 2016 I collaborated with director and writer Jonah Barrett in Olympia Washington to produce this feature length film. He wrote and directed the film and I shot, crewed, and edited, under his direction. It features a cast of Evergreen students and Olympia locals and an original soundtrack by Christian Carpenter

The Directors Summary: 

Cody McGuire has just returned from an important doctor’s appointment, only to find an attractive-but-naïve artificially created man on her doorstep named Mr. Perfect. With the help of her best friend Jocelyn Christmas, Cody will have to find Mr. Perfect a new home before he drives her insane.

Once you’ve watched the film see the bloopers in this youtube playlist

We got in the paper! And Jonah put it on Film Freeway, where there’s a little more info.

CodyMcGuirePoster 2.png