Three By Five

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hello It’s me, Jacob earl
Starting on September 1st There will be a new art experience on - A very limited series of tiny watercolour paintings by me. 

Over the course of the next month, and ending on the 30th, we are exhibiting and selling little paintings each work has a form, color, name, each one even has a price, but to be art you don’t really need those things, in my opinion. Form color price, these are all symptoms, second level indicators of art, not art itself. 

Art is what exists in the space between viewer and work, art is made by the intersection of audience and creator, that’s the thrid thing. 
There’s my ideas, the matter of the object itself, and the experience the viewer brings with them. 
That’s what makes it a dialectic, a conversation. That’s what makes it art. There’s always that conflict. 

You as the viewer bring what you think already and your thoughts act upon my artwork, transforming it by simple experience. You might think it’s the best tiny abstract art you‘ve ever seen, or  you might hate it. 

But that thought that you have transforms that work into a third thing, into something else, a personal work of art just for you, that doesn’t exist for anyone else because no one else thinks exactly like you and no one is bringing your experience to the table in exactly the same way. 

That’s something I find very interesting, the personal nature of art, how it’s created in the space between the viewer and the object. How one thing means one thing for one person. It’s personal, and in this case extremely personal because if you want, you can buy one of these paintings and I’ll take it off the internet and send it to you. 

And then not only will the art be in your mind, and in the space between you and the object, but in your hands in your literal hands and it’ll be completely up to you what you do with it. Do you want to burn it? Put it in a frame? Sell it someone else for 5 dollars instead of three? It’s up to you becuase it’s your art now. 

Anyway that’s what I’ve been thinking about 

All I ask is that you go and look at my little paintings, make them into art by seeing them, and tell me what you think of this little project. Again, there’s 39 original paintings, but there’s only one of each, and when one get’s purchased I’ll take it off the internet, so that no one can see it anymore and send it to whoever buys it. 

And at the end of the month I’m taking this whole thing down, forever. It’s a time-based digital installation exploring the nature and individual experience of meaning in abstract art focusing on personal interaction with a public medium.  

But if you want to see them all, now is the moment act fast call now etc. okay bye


EDIT: It’s over. Thanks to all who participated. The photos that are up are of the few that didn’t sell. I hope you liked looking at the rest. 

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